Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pine Barrens Olympic September 9, 2007

Pine Barrens Sept 9th Warmup for my first ultra at Chesapeakeman. This Olympic is near the Atco motor speedway in south Jersey about an hour from LBI and the site of my first ever tri in 2005 with Dad along then. I shoot over early at 5am, leaving the family and rugrats with the care of Margaret and her ATV riding ex-husband . . Whole nother story there!!

Arrive early and set up and feel like . .wow! this is feels a lot different than two years ago when I had zero clue of what I was doing down to not even knowing I needed to wear the swimcap they give you and not your own!! I elect to swim sans wet suit for two reasons, first it is warm like 74 in the water and also to push myself. Well can you say backfire!!! My unaerodynamic form is quickly exposed as my swim time in the mile to 48 minutes and the back of the pack I keep paddling and fighting the water and am not getting anywhere!!

. . I am steamed getting on the bike!!! The course is flat and a large square and I start hauling it and avg over 21mph for the 24 mile course catching some stragglers. I had never biked this fast before and best my previous bike time here by 6 minutes . . .and is also my fastest bike avg. speed by 2mph . Still mad starting the six mile run on the sand trails of the swamp. Now the fun begins, I am pissed and people are shocked as I fly by. Finish in 44 minutes for 10K in the sand top 10 of everyone in the run and my overall finish rank is top half but I am still upset from the swim. I gotta go 2.4 miles in the Choptank in less than three weeks!!!

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