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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler April 4, 2007

2007 Cherry Blossom Sunday April 5, 2007
OK on April 4, 2007 - Long am drive Saturday to North Baltimore from Jersey. Picked up my buddy Paulie in Carroll County and then we hightailed to registration in Crystal City and accompanying Cherry Blossom traffic sucks!!!. All the hydration along the way and we both Gotta pee!! Race into Packet Pickup and the expo at the Mariott Crystal City straight to the lil boys room. Aaahh, better and then headed to packet pickup. We then proceed to Arlington to Rama's house where we are staying for the nite pre-race. We then all drive out to Georgetown to catch the G-town final 4 hoops game in a GW bar of all places. Crazy packed. I drank water and nipped at a beer while Rama and Paulie got their swerve on. Cap the evening with a fat dry baked potato at Old Glory for carb loading and I left early and drove home leaving them to cab it
Race morning on the mall is gorgeous!! Paulie and I drive to the FRB building on 20th and Constitution where I can park as a FED employee and ditch the car and walk across the Lincoln Memorial. Pre-race did my thing stretch, port-o-let and I lined up toward the front just behind the Kenyans and pros in the next chute based on my previous year finishing time of 74 minutes for the ten miles. My goal this year was a sub 70. Several Ironman logoed hats and shirts nearby in the chute and as this is my year to move up in class to hopefully an ultra distance (Chessieman?), I am inspired to fire it up for the season!!
At the gun the crowd carried me to a 6:30 first mile, a bit too fast for a 39 year old with a steel rod in his leg. Notched it down to 6:50s and settled in around the Lincoln Memorial, to Arlington cemetery, 5k in 21.12 and then under the Kennedy Center and into the park. .. by now we have separated out the pretenders from the real runners and the speedwork is starting to pay dividends as I am sticking with 6:50s. Still pretty commuter like flow and then I see a big gap to my left. . .Why is no one running there? Aha, a poor women expressed out a poor dining choice Mexican? and it was all down her legs . .. .Time for a normal runner to pack it in til next year, but she is a sicko, and getting us all sick too!! Picked up the pace for a half mile to pass her and now the pain is starting to kick in at the 10K mark passed at 42.40 on a sub 70 pace with a minute to spare . . .
Ran near Boston Marathon famous Bill Rodgers for a mile or so and he is still gazelle like in his form at 59. Starting to hit the wall at mile 7 but hanging on as we shoot back down Rock Creek Park from the Shoreham Hotel turn around and nobody is passing me . . . though I am not passing to many either . . everyone is in pain now it seems but am still on a sub 70 pace. Dial it up for mile ten afte the Kennedy undertunnel with everything in the tank and hit the tape sprinting with a 20s something racer at 68 minutes two seconds . . .new PR and a beacon for what is to become a great race season .. .Sure is nice to be done early. Placed 416 out of 8000 or so . . .
Post race chicken cheese steak and coors light in Caroll County MD, on way home hit the spot!
Men Overall 35-39 Gun Time Net Time Pace
364 63/856 1:08:10 1:08:02 6:49

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