Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still racing after all these years


A warm welcome to Ellen "Buckeye" Girl 2010 and multiple NYC Marathon Finisher and River 2 Sea Relay team member and top benefactor to date! Gracias Amiga!

So, pretty sore on Sunday March 27th after the 19 miler Saturday . . .

Hit the treadmill on Monday noon for a not so quick 5K to loosen up.

Tuesday off and then scheduled an "important" 1130 am conference call for 90 minutes on Wed.

During the "call", I hit the West Side Highway in Manhattan and lit out at half marathon pace. The weather was windy and high forties, but a far cry from Saturday's polar bear express.

I felt pretty good and passed the Holland tunnel and Chelsea piers up to the Helipads by 23rd street. My pace was aided by a nice tail breeze and all systems are go.

Approaching the turnaround at 4 miles, several runners passed by, including a like aged tall trail runner type.

I hit the turn and hit the tempo to 15K pace. I came up on the runners and trail guy quickened his pace . . . I stayed with him and then passed with authority. Man that feels good!

After a mile, trail guy came back up AND WHOOSH, hit the jets. I tried to keep up but could not. .. DAMMIT! I settled back into half marathon pace and tried to find the positives . . . then up ahead look that is walking . . . I purposefully ignored him as I breezed by.

Then during the last mile to World Financial Center, I noticed him chugging up on me again. .no sireee bob! I quickened to 5K pace .still he came up, I made the turn toward the Ferry station, still he hung next to me . . .now this is serious . . .I hit 4th gear and waited for him to fade . .he did not, . . . with 400 yards to go I pulled the plug and slowed to a jog .. . he ran on for 100 yards and stopped, panting . . .he looked back at me . .. .I immediately hit a full sprint, dusted his ass and ran through the wharf up to WFC 2 doors out of view back to the gym ,.. . .. That is how I roll, biatch, and in two weeks I will GO BIG!!!

15-18 miler this afternoon (weather permitting) or tomorrow am!

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