Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Shore Thing

The time to race draws near, . . .the hay is in the barn, or is it? the nerves are building, what if I am over my head here. .what if I cannot do this?

Friday afternoon April 1st, down the shore having the carpets cleaned and working offsite all these thoughts circled through my brain. I bundled up with two shirts, comp tights, hat and gloves and set out of the house into the swirling winds and 40 degree temps down Long Beach Blvd.

One and a half miles in at Harvey Cedars, the legs feel dead from the Wednesday speed work . . .three miles in at the North Beach sign I eat some Cliff Blocks looking for energy . . .6 miles in at the turnaround at Division Street in Surf City I am feeling a bit better . . .

The return trip is with the wind and I pick it up a bit. Right at 12 miles the legs are dead and I walk of shame it for a half mile home. ..Still after 19 Saturday, 3 Monday, and 8 Wed. another 12 is in the bag for a 42 mile week.

So, Saturday I recover, go to bed early and last Sunday brings nice weather. I take off for a planned one hour 8 miler to Meyersville Inn and back . . .but as I leave the house, I am thinking. . 15 days out. . I am scared. . scared of failing . .. I am 10lbs overweight and the sudden burst of training has left me feeling dull and stale.

I decide to run as far as I can today and go out hard . . . .two hours and five minutes later, I have a 15 miler under my belt, on stale legs but at sub 9 minute pace . . so...15 days out, I finally feel like I have put some hay in the barn . .. so that is also 57 miles in the last 8 days

HMMNNNN . 8 days ago 8 years March 27th 2003 I was also training .for a marathon (Pittsburgh) and most of you know what happened next. .. . .snowmachine, tree, bones, sled and helicopter extraction, complicated surgeries, and a long road back to health, . .never ever take life for granted and remember what Jimmy Valvano says . .never, ever give up . . .and . . . ..

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